React JS Website Development Services

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React JS Website Development Services

React abstracts away the DOM from you, offering a simpler programming model and better performance. Facebook created the open-source React.js framework and library for JavaScript. As comparison to using pure JavaScript, it is used to quickly and effectively create interactive user interfaces and web applications.

React.js: What does it do?

A webpage is typically requested by entering its URL into your web browser. Then, after receiving a request for that webpage, your browser renders it. A fresh request is made of the server to obtain the new page if you click a link on that page to navigate to another page of the website. Every new page or resource you attempt to access on a website involves the same back and forth loading process between your browser (the client) and the server. This common method of website loading is perfectly adequate, but think about a website that is heavily dependent on data. The user experience would be terrible due to the repeated back and forth loading of the entire webpage.

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