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Mean Stack Website Development Services

Developing MEAN Stack is one of the most crucial technology developments to create Full Stack Web apps. A JavaScript-based framework for creating web apps is called the MEAN stack. The four primary technologies that make up the tiers of the stack—MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node—are together referred to as MEAN.

components of a MEAN stack

Front end Angular.js

Angular.js, which calls itself a "JavaScript MVW Framework" (MVW stands for "Model View and Whatever"), sits at the top of the MEAN stack. To develop dynamic, interactive online experiences more effectively than, say, building them yourself with static HTML and JavaScript, Angular.js enables you to expand your HTML tags with metadata (or jQuery). Angular includes all of the features you'd anticipate from a front-end JavaScript framework, such as form validation, localization, and back-end service connectivity.

Node.js and Express.js server layer

Express.js, which operates on a Node.js server, is the lower-level framework. It is true that Express.js is a "fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework for Node.js," as it describes itself. Express.js offers robust models for handling HTTP requests and responses as well as URL routing (correlating an incoming URL with a server function). You can connect to the Express.js functions that power your application by sending XML HTTP requests (XHRs), GET requests, or POST requests from your Angular.js front end.

database layer for MongoDB

You'll need a database that's as simple to use as Angular, Express, and Node if your application saves any data (user profiles, content, comments, uploads, events, etc.). JSON documents generated by your Angular.js front end can be transmitted to the Express.js server, where they can be processed and (if they're legitimate) saved straight in MongoDB for subsequent retrieval. Here is where MongoDB comes in.

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