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Microsoft SQL Server Application Development

Techiefire has experienced in developing custom SQL Server databases. MS SQL Server 2022, MS SQL Server 2019, MS SQL Server 2017, MS SQL Server 2016, MS SQL Server 2014, MS SQL Server 2012, MS SQL Server 2008 R2, MS SQL Server 2008, MS SQL Server 2005, MS SQL Server MS SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 7.0, SQL Server 6.5 and SQL Server 6.0 are just a few of the key versions of MS SQL Server. Techiefire create an ACID-based solution methodology (atomic, consistent, isolated and durable). Additionally, our staff has substantial expertise in transferring data to SQL Server from various systems (including Microsoft Access, IBM DB2, MySQL, Oracle, and Sybase ASE) and maintaining it for clients.

Our Microsoft SQL Server Services Includes:

  • Database architecture and design development for microsoft sql server.
  • Tables, views, triggers, and dts packages creation Analysis services for sql server (ssas) by microsoft (ssrs) services, integration services (ssis) Implementations of acid (atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability)
  • Development of store procedures and sql/t-sql programming Development of the ado.net entity framework
  • Database optimization, trouble-shooting, and performance tuning Ms sql server management and administration
  • Installation, updates, and maintenance of sql servers Recovery & backup for sql server
  • Consulting for microsoft sql server and database management
  • Sql server configuration manager
  • Sql server reporting services
  • Microsoft sql server management studio
  • Azure sql Server
  • icrosoft sql management studio
  • Sql server integration services
  • Sql reporting services
  • Sql server analysis services

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